Ryaal Lemon Essential Oil review

I am very new when it comes to use essential oil. In fact this essential oil from Ryaal is the first essential oil I am using. Recently Ryaal sent me this Lemon Essential Oil. First I was confused about how to use this and then I figured out some ways on my own and summarizing it in this blog.

About the brand- Ryaal is a brand which deals mainly in essential oil along with some other products. I have used few of their products which impressed me quite a lot and this essential oil is definitely one of them.


100% pure and natural


100% pure and organic lemon oil (Cold pressed from fresh fruit peel)

Suggested use- Highly concentrated so mix with any carrier oil and consult any essential oil book or professional for dilution ration

Lemon Oil benefits-  It has anti-infection, astringent, detoxifying, antiseptic, disinfectant, and antifungal properties. Apart from this it also acts as an antioxidant,so it can be used in multiple ways.

How I have used it till now-

  1. Mixed it with my DIY face mist/makeup fixing spray. It gives a sweet lemony aroma to the spray which is very refreshing and to some extent I think it checks the oil control too.
  2. Mixed with my DIY BB cream(Yet to write about it). Same effect as mentioned above.
  3. Mixed with Bhringraj oil and massaged on scalp to get rid of dandruff. This one is one of my favourite. I have dandruff problem since childhood and this seems to be a very effective remedy for that. Lemon is always known for being effective to cure dandruff and this oil exactly does that. I mix almost 10 drops to the carrier oil and massage it onto the scalp and then wash my hair after 1-2 hours or even it can be kept overnight too.
  4. I used it with my face wash too. I mix 2 drops of oil to the face wash and gently massage it onto my face an rinse it off with water and I must say it gave me a very good result. It kept zits away and provided a glow onto my skin.

The lemon essential oil retails at Rs.250 for 30ml. You can buy one and check out their other collection at Amazon.

Overall I am happy with the experience I had till now with my first essential oil and would definitely love to give another essential oils from Ryaal a good try.

Until next time, be yourself, be beYOUtiful

Much love ❤

Sohini 🙂

Disclaimer: Products sent by the brand but all opinions are honest and solely my own.


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