DIY makeup setting spray and face mist


Hello everyone,

So today I will share a DIY make up setting spray which you can use as a facial mist too. It is very simple to make and is very effective too. Things needed to make this are-

  1. Rose water
  2. Glycerine
  3. Vitamin E Capsule
  4. Essential oil(optional)
  5. Spray bottle

For the first time I have used Dabur Gulabari and glycerine from local medical store but will definitely buy these from other brands which will be free from paraben and will be from natural source.

Now coming to the benefits of the ingredients-

Rose water– Well this is something which I really think I shouldn’t explain because come on its ROSE WATER…!!! We know it’s skin benefits since ages ❤ Still for formality sake I am joting down some of the benefits of this miraculous water.

  • It clean the pores,tones the skin and balances the skin pH
  • It has antioxidant,anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties which can keep your face free of harmful microorganisms throughout the day and thus can prevent acne too
  • It nourishes the skin,giving a healthy and refreshed look

Along with the above mentioned points,another thing which it does is uplifting your mood. The aroma of rose is said to be a mood enhancer and it actually gives you a good feeling once you spray it on your face

Glycerine-Glycerine mainly acts as a humectant,which means it can draw moisture to your skin. There are many other properties of glycerine like they ,non irritant,non comecogenic etc etc. But I prefer using glyerine in my skin care product or skin care routine for a very minimum amount as using it in excess can make your skin sticky and that can attract more dirt onto your skin. So be careful while adding glycerine into making this spray as you want to look dewy and not sticky

Vitamin E capsule-  I have used Evion capsule and have written a whole blog dedicated to the benefits of this. Read it here

How to make it

Head to my instagram account to see a video I made during the making of this spray.

I am jotting down the steps here also

  • Take the spritz bottle. Transfer the rose water into the bottle.I have added around half bottle of 120 ml rose water at first. So measure the ingredients as per this.
  • Add almost 3/4th teaspoon of glycerine. Again saying make sure not to add too much, lesser will still be okay as you can add again if you feel the need after using few time,but DO NOT add much(specially oily/combination skin beauties)
  • Now prick the Vitamin E capsule with a STERILE needle or use a small scissor to cut open( Sterility can be done by holding it in fire for few secs). Squeeze out the contents of the capsule in the bottle
  • Shake well so that all the ingredients mix well and Voila! You are ready to use this as a makeup setting spray or face mist.
  • Optimal step- You can add 3-4 drops of essential oil too. I have used lemon essential oil because of it’s fragrance and for the benefits lemon has(specially for oily skin) 

My personal experience

I was in search of a good,chemical free yet cheap makeup setting spray but the ones I was getting was either of high price,or was having alcohol or other harmful things,so after searching for DIY makeup setting sprays on google and finding a loooootttt of things which included aloe vera,witch hazel,green tea,geranium oil and what not :/ (which literally confused me) I decided to go for my mother’s good old facial mist recipe with my little bit knowledge of pharmacy 😛

My mother used to mix rose water and glycerine and then gave me a cotton dipped in that to apply on skin while going to school. So I just did the same thing but just squeezed out one capsule of Evion 400 and some essential oil in that and it was ready. After using it for almost a month as both makeup setting spray and facial mist me and The man of the house(copied from Mrs. Funnybones as I love her and her man <3) are loving it 😀 He uses it as mist though 😛

I have a very sensitive skin and I didn’t break me out so I hope it won’t break anyone else. Though every skin is different and you should definitely try it out before assuming the same.

I don’t think I am going to buy any other face mist or makeup setting spray in anytime soon and will continue to use it as long as I don’t find any other alternative which will be natural and better than this

Head to my Instagram account to watch a quick 40 secs video for the same

P.S Don’t forget to share any other recipe of DIY makeup setting spray and suggest some good brand for rose water and glycerine which are free of paraben and are from natural source in the comment section below

Thanks for reading

Much love, XoXo :*

Be yourself, be beYoUtiful ❤

Update- I have finally found a rose water free of paraben and glycerine from natural source. Will share them with you all soon 🙂


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